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Adam L.

Thank you so much , Vince! Handled my DUI with the utmost care. thanks, again.

David L.

Excellent communication and follow-up.

Steven E.

Just hired Vince for two separate felony cases from two different counties. With my background, and the given prognosis I am astounded at the results. He got me time served on a felony case, and two years probation on another. With a public defender I would have gone to prison, no question. He even told me to keep in touch so I could update him with my progress on probation and in life in general. The man cares. Thank you, Vince.

Melinda V.

Hi Vince, did a wonderful job! He was responsive in every way text phone call. He heard us out & understood made us feel comfortable. When it came down to trail he did an awesome job & was prepared to beat the case! Very Professional in every aspect! By the way we beat the case & made our life a better peaceful place! Thank you! I highly recommend our attorney to anyone in need.

Traven R.

This dude is awesome. I recommend call ing him to discuss your legal matters.

Daniel D.

He’s a really good lawyer. He helped me a lot from my dui’s. Good lawyer. I recommend.
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