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The journey to a clean slate is riddled with intricacies, from understanding the type of offense and determining eligibility for expungement or sealing to dealing with the myriad of forms, filing fees, and legal nuances. I’ll significantly expedite this process, ensuring you’re informed at each step and secure the results as quickly as possible.

Professional woman reviewing a document in an office setting.
Professional woman reviewing documents in an office setting.

Understanding Your Rights:

Expungement vs. Sealing

Navigating life with a criminal history can be daunting, but Illinois offers two legal paths to help: expungement and sealing. Understanding these options is essential for anyone looking to move past their criminal record.

Make the Right Choice

It is wise to retain an attorney in order to determine whether you can expunge or seal a criminal case. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I can guide you through this process, ensuring all legal steps are correctly followed and increasing your chances of success.

Navigating Expungement Eligibility

Expungement in Illinois offers a chance to erase arrests, charges, and certain convictions from your record. However, eligibility varies based on several factors:

Type of Offense

Non-conviction arrests, court supervision, and expungeable probation are generally eligible for expungement. More serious crimes, particularly felony convictions can be eligible for a sealing.

Completion of Sentence

Successful completion of your sentence is typically required before filing for expungement.

Waiting Periods

Certain offenses may require a waiting period after completing your sentence before you can apply for expungement. Usually two years from the successful completion of your sentence.

Specific Circumstances

Cases involving domestic battery, sexual offenses, and DUI are usually not eligible for expungement or sealing.

If you’re considering expungement in Illinois, understanding your eligibility is the first step toward reclaiming your life.

A Tailored Approach to Your Legal Journey

As a Chicago criminal defense attorney with 25 years of experience, including a background as a prosecutor, I bring a comprehensive approach to your expungement/sealing case. I have filed expungement/seals throughout the State. Most of my filings are in Cook County and the surrounding collar counties.

I understand that every client’s history is unique. By meticulously reviewing your criminal record, from arrest records to felony convictions, I’ll assess your eligibility for expungement or sealing, offering clear, tailored advice.

Don’t let your past define you. Reach out today to start the journey towards a clean slate.

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Frequently Asked Question

Whether you’re dealing with past charges, seeking better employment opportunities, or simply aiming for a fresh start, our FAQs are designed to provide clear, concise answers to your most pressing questions.

Expungement removes charges and convictions from your criminal record as if they never happened, while sealing hides your record from public view but not from law enforcement agencies.
As an experienced expungement lawyer, I navigate the complex legal process, handle all paperwork and filing fees, and represent you in court, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.
Costs can vary based on case complexity and county filing fees. Contact me today for a free consultation and I can provide you with a clearer understanding of the expected costs.
The timeline can vary widely based on the specifics of your case and the backlog in the legal system. Usually, it takes about three months to get to court. If the filing is granted, the various agencies have 60 days (from receiving notice) to comply with the court order.
Some felony convictions, particularly non-violent offenses or those meeting specific criteria like successful completion of qualified probation, may be eligible for sealing, if not expungement.
You’ll need to provide personal information, including your full legal name, date of birth, and details of every arrest, charge, and conviction in your history.
Expungement and sealing greatly improve your chances with potential employers and housing authorities since most will not be able to see your sealed or expunged criminal record.
Successfully sealing or expunging your record can remove barriers to student loans, college admission, and financial assistance.
Sealed records are not available to the general public but can be accessed by law enforcement.
Begin by calling me today for a free consultation. I can assess your eligibility and discuss the necessary steps.

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